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Children’s Choir, World Vision Korea  - The Children’s Choir of World Vision Korea delivers the message of love, hope and sharing through music  to the world.

What is Children’s Choir?
In 1960, World Vision Korea recruited choir members among World Vision’s sponsored children, who lost their parents
during Korean War. The children sang in return for their sponsors’ love and help for them, which moved many people’s
minds to become sponsors for children. The choir started its first year touring 27 countries and gradually grew up to become one of the world’s best children’s choir as it awarded the First Prize in the World Choral Competition hosted by BBC,
the British Broadcasting Corporation.
As an ambassador of love and hope for children around the world, the choir members appreciate the power of music and
practice sharing with others. With its 5,000 accumulated performance experience in 700 cities of 50 countries, the choir has been greatly praised by overseas musicians and has produced operanic lyric soprano Hei-Kyung Hong and counter tenor
Dong-Kyu Lee. As the best children’s choir representing Korea, it contributes to enhancing national prestige and promoting
friendship in the global community.

History of Children’s Choir, World Vision Korea

August 1960 Foundation of World Vision Korea Children’s Choir
1961 The first overseas tour to US and Canada
July 1975 Appeared in One to One, United States NBC TV movie with Julie Andrews
1978 Awarded the First Prize in the World Choral Competition hosted by British Broadcasting
1980 Musical, Cinderella
1988 Performed at Opening Ceremony of Seoul Olympics in 1988
1994 Musical, Fairy and Puppet
1995 Participated in International Choral Festival in Finland and went on concert tour to Europe to
promote hosting 2002 World Cup in Korea
2000 Hosted World Vision International Choral Festival in 2004, 2007 and 2010
2002 Represented Asia at Espoo International Choral Festival, Finland
2010 Hosted Concert in commemoration of the 60th
Anniversary of World Vision and the 50th Anniversary of World Vision Children’s Choir
2011 Hosted project concert, Hymn Festival season I, "The Book"

What is Children’s Choir?

Project concert
World Vision Children’s Choir upgrades the culture of choir by creating various styles of
music and performance and promotes World Vision Korea’s ministry through project concerts based on its 51 years of tradition. For instance, the choir first tried the combination of chorus
and image through a project concert titled “Image Music” from 2007 to 2009. The choir also
hosted Hymn Festival to heal and comfort youths.
Overseas concert
Since its first overseas concert trip in 1961, World Vision Children’s Choir had more than 43
times of concerts in 50 cities of 700 countries around the world including US, Germany and
Finland. The choir has participated in many renowned international choral festivals to
promote itself to the world while introducing the excellence of Korean culture and art. In 1978, the choir was awarded with the First Prize in the World Choral Competition hosted by British
Broadcasting Corporation. Today, the choir sings for the poor and marginalized children in the globe under the theme of “Voice for the Voiceless.”
Invitation to events
World Vision Children’s Choir is invited to international and national business events such as Seoul G20 Business Summit 2010, and National Assembly Concert in commemoration of
Constitutional Day. The choir helps these events shine by presenting beautiful harmony and
performance to audience with various repertoire.
World Vision International Choral Festival
The World Vision International Choral Festival is the only international choral event held in
Korea for the world’s prestigious children and youth choirs.
The triennial festival is held in order to promote peace and stability of children in the world in
accordance with ‘UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’ and to send a message of hope
to the marginalized children under the theme of “Imagine a World Where Children are Safe.”
You & You, the first Korean chorus movie ever
A music movie where the 50 years of know-how of World Vision Children’s Choir is melted in. Movie Director, Je-hyun Park made the movie in a way of sharing his specialty with others.
Park is well-known among Koreans for “Ginko Bed 2” and “How to Keep My Love.”
The world’s renowned counter tenor, Dong-kyu Lee sang its theme song.
Famous movie director, musicians and choir are gathered to make the first Korean chorus
movie! The broken heart searches for new hope and dream through sharing!