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Three Major Program

1.Transformational Development
Transformational development is a process, through which children, family and community
find out and overcome the obstacles that prevent themselves from living a life in its fullness.
The community becomes to be equipped with knowledge to break free from poverty and
nurture children in cooperation with World Vision.
World Vision carries out programs in the areas of drinking water, healthcare, agricultural
development, income growth, education and empowerment which are essential to the

The heroes and heroines of all the World Vision programs are children and the community.
World Vision designs the programs to be focused on beneficiaries to continue to experience
positive change (influence) even after World Vision staff leaves thecommunity.

The purpose of development program lies in children living a life in its fullness. Area Develop-
ment Program(ADP) is carried out with the funds donated by children’s sponsors.
With the fund, World Vision makes its every effort to provide safe drinking water to prevent the sponsored children from being infected with diseases, improve the children’s health with
nutrition, and provide basic healthcare service and support them to finish primary education.
2.Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs
When devastating natural disasters and conflicts occur, World Vision helps to save victims,
relieve sufferings and help them get back to their ordinary life as soon as possible. Beginning
with provided food, drinking water, shelters and necessities to around 60 countries,
World Vision has made its best efforts in responding to reduce pains and suffering of
communities in the times of disasters and emergencies.
World Vision takes preventable measures: indentifying regions in possible danger; distribute resources to high risk regions; and dispatch relief staff to equip communities to prevent
disasters and get ready to respond to possible dangers. Furthermore, it helps people to
become capable of recovering on their own from suffering and getting back to their normality
after a disaster passes by.
Unfair policies, conventional wisdom, corrupt practices and wrong attitudes in a society are
always the root cause of poverty. Young girls are forced to get married before finishing primary education; children are taken to work in dangerous environment; and unfair trade laws disrupt the tireless efforts of farmers. World Vision helps amplify the voice of communities to change social awareness and structures that oppresses children and the underprivileged at the local, national and global level. It also speaks on behalf of the poor to change unjust policies and
old customs.