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Accountability and Transparency

World Vision is accredited as a leading accountable INGO by Charity One World Trust on its Global Accountability Report in
2006. The report highly recognized *LEAP and the way how World Vision deals with beneficiaries’ complaint as a best
practice among all INGOs. In addition, world’s major charity evaluators such as Better Business Bureau (BBB),
Charity Navigator and ECFA accredited World Vision as the most credible organization.
World Vision complies with international conventions on relief and development including International NGO Accountability
Charter, Red Cross Code of Conduct, Sphere Humanitarian Charter for NGOs, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
Principles of Accountability.

World Vision Korea is audited by Earnst & Young Accounting Firm, local tax office, district office and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

*LEAP(Learning through Evaluation with Accountability & Planning):
World Vision’s unique framework for program design and evaluation through which beneficiary community gets
involved in the planning and evaluating process of programs.
**Complaining settlement system for beneficiaries:
As a member of Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International, World Vision has an efficient process to settle the complaints raised by beneficiaries.

Global Accountability Report produced by One World Trust