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worldvision partnership - The corporate identity stands for world vision.

Management and Rights of National Offices
World Vision consists of around 100 national offices. They are governed independently by
their own boards and policies, but they are bound together in interdependent partnership
through a common mission statement, shared core values, global standards and policies.
In the spirit of “federalism”, all national offices share the equal right to speak in policy-making process of World Vision International.
Locations of WVI and Functional offices
World Vision
London Excutive Office 6 The Square,
Stockley Park Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1FW United Kingdom
Liaison Office
Geneva, Switzerland
Melbourne, Australia
Regional Offices East Africa - Nairobi, Kenya
West Africa - Dakar, Senegal
South Africa - Lusaka, Zambia
East Asia - Bangkok, Thailand
South Asia & Pacific - Singapore
Latin America & Caribbean - San Jos´e - Costa Rica
Middle East : Eastern Europe - Cyprus
Status in the international community
World Vision International gives guidance on identity and policy and represents World Vision
in the international community