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world vision is - our vision for every child, life in its fullness.

60 years of History & Ministry Excellence
In 1950, World Vision was founded in the ashes of Korean Wars. In 1991, World Vision Korea marked its historical
transition into a donor country from a receiving country.
In 2006, it was accredited as the only official partner with
WFP among Korean NGOs in recognition of its ministry
Accountability & Transparency
World Vision Korea is a partnership entity of World Vision
International based in London, United Kingdom, which is
one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations with 40,000 staff working in 100 countries. World Vision Inter-
national is granted the ‘General Consultative’ status by
United Nations Economic and Social Council.
International Status
World Vision is accredited as a leading accountable INGO by world’s major charity evaluators including Better Busi-
ness Bureau, Charity Navigator and One World Trust.
Christian Commitments
World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advo-
cacy organization which respects other religions and does not work on the premise of conversion. World Vision coo-
perates with leaders of different religions around the world and does not discriminate people against religion, culture, gender and race.