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    1. who we are
    2. our mission
    3. world vision's CI
    4. CI for 60th anniversary
  • world vision international
    1. History of world vision international
    2. Accountability and Transp
    3. Three major program
    4. worldvision international and structure of the world vision partnership
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    1. CEO's message
    2. History
    3. children's chior
    4. organizational chart
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  • Christian Commitments
    1. Holistic ministry
    2. spiritual formation of staff
    3. parthnership with church
    4. witness to jesus christ

Corporate Identity - The corporate identity stands for World Vision.

A. The curve of logo depicts the earth, and the horizon above the curve symbolizes our
hope for the future.
B. The star in shape of cross shows Christian identity.
C. The orange color means giving hope to beneficiaries.
D. The words, “World Vision” stand for programs carried out in different regions and
The logo should be rightly fixed in the upper right corner.
The minimum size for paper is 15mm, and for screen is 60 pixel.
korean CI
This is designed in Korean.
Korean-English CI
This is a combination of original CI and Korean CI.