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Partnership with Church - World Vision partners with churches for the life in its fullness for every child in the world. (John 10:10)


Church is the birthplace of World Vision as well as the
biggest and the most important partner for World Vision’s holistic ministry. The eventual goal of World Vision’s all
ministries is the transformation of this world to make His
Kingdom come. Thus, World Vision has an intrinsic
partnership with churches. Therefore, with churches,
World Vision exchanges missionary information and
expertise and share human, physical and spiritual
resources of missionary work in order to keep the Great
Commandment (Matthew 28:18-20).

Partnership with churches

Praise & worship ministry to recruit child sponsors
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. (Matthew 18:5)
This praise&worship ministry bridges Korean churches and Christians with children in need around the world. Korean Churches and Christians get a chance to act out the love of Christ
by sponsoring the children. To attract them to become child sponsors, CCM singers including In-hyeok Choi, Seok-kyoon Kim and Uangelvoice serve the ministry as publicity ambassadors of World Vision Korea.
Pastors Monitoring Tour to Overseas Programs
Korean churches sponsor Asian and African countries suffering from diseases, disasters
and famine with prayers and supports in partnership with World Vision Korea. The leaders of
the churches have a chance to visit and monitor overseas project sites to help their
understanding in World Vision's overseas ministry.
Pastors Visit to Local Programs
Pastors of churches partnering with World Vision Korea visit local program sites to deliver box lunches to poor neighbors who skip meals and help bathe the people like severely disabled or the elderly who are physically unable to wash themselves.
Church Partnership Committee Members
World Vision appoints members of Church Partnership Committee among partner pastors
and they bridges World Vision and Korean churches to build their partnership in helping
children in need. (There are 12 Church Partnership Committee members from 18
internal regional offices.)

Campaign with Churches

Lent Campaign
World Vision carries out a campaign to send food like wheat flour and rice to support North Korea experiencing food shortage due to catastrophic natural disasters in commemoration of
Christ’s passion and resurrection during the Lent period every year.
Waterful Campaign
World Vision suggest simples tips to people so that they can participate in their daily lives in the work of addressing water shortage of the third world and advancing the quality of life of
people in those countries.
Holy 24 Hour Famine
Youths and young adults of each church get a chance to act out Christ’s love and learn ways
to give while experiencing a glimpse of African children’s life.
Campaign with Various Church Denominations
World Vision Korea carries out Love-Loaf campaign with churches in the season of Summer Bible School of each church denomination.
Individual churches visit overseas project sites and perform medical practice and provide
education for the communities during their short-term mission trips.
Christian universities in Korea have a time that students determine to commit themselves to participating in World Vision ministry during their spiritual retreats or in chapels.
Pastor’s Conference
The Pastor's Conference strengthens World Vision's partnership with churches and builds
pastor's network among church leaders.