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Service Introduction

  • International development Ministry
    1. Area Development Program (ADP)
    2. Sectoral Special Program
    3. Innovative Financing for Developmen
  • Humanitarian Emergency & Affairs
    1. Disaster Management
    2. Fragile Country Program
    3. Food Crisis Response
  • Domestic Ministry
    1. Love-Lunch Box Poject
    2. Afer-shcool Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low-Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. Child rights program
    6. Case Management
  • DPRK Ministry
    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Humanitarian &  Emergency Affairs
    3. NK Agricultural Research Institute
    4. Area Development Program
  • Advocacy
    1. Education for Global Citizenship
    2. Campaign & Policy activities
  • Programs
    1. Area Development Program
    2. Domestic Program

Food Crisis Response - As a  partnering NGO to UN WFP, orld Vision support people suffering from hunger and poverty.

Now that we have more time, we can do other activities that can generate profits!

One billion people are starving at this moment

As of 2010, 925 million people are starving to death around the world. About 98% of these
people live in under-developed countries where 10.9 million children under 5 die of
malnutrition and hunger every year.

There are various reasons for the global famine. Some of the main reasons are natural
disasters due to climate change, damages from wars, unstable food prices caused by
instability in oil-producing countries, and insufficient agricultural techniques.

월드비전과 세계식량기구

World Vision provides food aid to those suffering from poverty and hunger in cooperation with United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and USAID. As the biggest cooperative NGO to WFP, World Vision strives to be in the forefront of saving as many lives as possible, by
providing food aids to 10 countries around the world as of 2011.
Here is how World Vision cooperates with WFP. As World Vision is responsible for a part of
transportation and program costs, WFP pays for the rest of the program, therefore reaching
more people with less financial costs. When a World Vision’s sponsor donates 10,000 KRW (approx. 10 USD), the food worth of 50,000 to 100,000 KRW is provided to children and their

World Vision Korea-World Food Programme Agricultural Programs: [Asia & Middle East] Myanmar, Pakistan, Lebanon [America] Haiti
[Africa] Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Niger, Mali

Current Programs FY12

World Vision Korea is an official partnering NGO to UN World Food Programme present in
Korea. In 2010, World Vision Korea funded a total of 25 programs in 12 countries. In 2011,
it has been funding 17 programs in 10 countries.

WFP협력사업의 종류
  • GFD: General Food Distribution
  • SFP: Supplementary Feeding Project/CMAM: Community Management of Acute Malnutrition
  • FFE: Food for Education/ SF: School Feeding
  • FFW: Food for Work