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Service Introduction

  • International development Ministry
    1. Area Development Program (ADP)
    2. Sectoral Special Program
    3. Innovative Financing for Developmen
  • Humanitarian Emergency & Affairs
    1. Disaster Management
    2. Fragile Country Program
    3. Food Crisis Response
  • Domestic Ministry
    1. Love-Lunch Box Poject
    2. Afer-shcool Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low-Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. Child rights program
    6. Case Management
  • DPRK Ministry
    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Humanitarian &  Emergency Affairs
    3. NK Agricultural Research Institute
    4. Area Development Program
  • Advocacy
    1. Education for Global Citizenship
    2. Campaign & Policy activities
  • Programs
    1. Area Development Program
    2. Domestic Program

Financial Aid for Low-Income Family - We provide assistance to families in financial difficulties due to loss of jobs and/or diseases.

Jaehyung(assumed name) has a traumatizing experience that he does not not want to remember ever again.

What is the Financial Aid for Low-income Family?

In face of unexpected unemployment or displacement of their houses, families in need can face huge financial problems.
While an ordinary family can bear occasions like such, a low-income family can face immediate financial collapse with only
a single occasion. We assist the families in need so that they can overcome the hardship, and provide their children with
sound environment to grow up.
Medical expense support
We support expense for surgery, hospitalization, outpatient treatment, nursing, diagnosis, psychological treatment
(only to children), so that the children and their family can
evade the risk of life-threatening incidents.
Residential support
We provide support for monthly rent, temporary housing
rent, funding for bettering residential environment and so
on, so that children and their family can be safely protected from residential hazards.
Living cost support
We provide support for daily living expenses like grocery,
transportation, communication, utility bills and so on,
so that children and their families can sustain their family economy.
Screening Committee and experts
Specialists in diverse fields (medical doctors, teachers,
social workers, house repairman, lawyers, etc) are
working as screening committee so that most effective
and fair support can be provided in various kinds of crisis situations. A in family crisis management is also appoint-
ed as a member of the committee so that the program can serve people better with higher quality.