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Service Introduction

  • International development Ministry
    1. Area Development Program (ADP)
    2. Sectoral Special Program
    3. Innovative Financing for Developmen
  • Humanitarian Emergency & Affairs
    1. Disaster Management
    2. Fragile Country Program
    3. Food Crisis Response
  • Domestic Ministry
    1. Love-Lunch Box Poject
    2. Afer-shcool Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low-Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. Child rights program
    6. Case Management
  • DPRK Ministry
    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Humanitarian &  Emergency Affairs
    3. NK Agricultural Research Institute
    4. Area Development Program
  • Advocacy
    1. Education for Global Citizenship
    2. Campaign & Policy activities
  • Programs
    1. Area Development Program
    2. Domestic Program

Love-Lunch Box Project - We provide people in need with free lunch boxes.

There was a boy who used to get his box lunch from us every day until he graduated middle school. Sungjae(assumed name) always said, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it” every time he received his lunch.

What is Love-Lunch Box Project?

  • We provide home-made lunch boxes to those kids who cannot but eat junk food or skip meals because of their financially
    difficult situation, or to disabled or elderly people who live alone, so that these people may have a nutritionally well-balanced meal at least once a day. Every child has a right to eat good food and grow up healthy and based on this right we provide
    healthy lunch boxes that are confirmed by qualified dietitians to be nutritionally balanced. The love-lunch boxes are now being delivered to 2,311 people in 11 regions across the nation (as of August 2011).
  • Five days a week, a lunch box with balanced dietThe lunch box is cooked by a qualified nutritionist
    with nutritionally balanced menu, and is comprised of rice(staple) and three side dishes. In times of Korean Lunar
    Holiday or Chuseok(Korean thanksgiving day), where
    other people are busy having family reunions, we provide
    traditional Korean dishes to those people who do not have any visitors so they are not left alone. In addition as we
    deliver the lunch box five times a week the volunteers can
    check how the children and the seniors are doing, if there
    is any problem.
  • A box lunch with the hearts of sponsors and volunteersThe box lunch is made with precious contributions of
    sponsors and the work of volunteers, and once they are
    ready the volunteers deliver them to children, who live in
    remote parts of Korean countryside by crossing narrow
    alleyways, climbing the steep hills, passing the small
  • Nutritional education and cooking class for children’s self-helpBox lunch is needed for a child’s health, but a separated
    program is called for their self-help. Children are taught
    the importance of food and health, and trained how to cook easy dishes through nutritional classes and cooking