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Service Introduction

  • International development Ministry
    1. Area Development Program (ADP)
    2. Sectoral Special Program
    3. Innovative Financing for Developmen
  • Humanitarian Emergency & Affairs
    1. Disaster Management
    2. Fragile Country Program
    3. Food Crisis Response
  • Domestic Ministry
    1. Love-Lunch Box Poject
    2. Afer-shcool Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low-Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. Child rights program
    6. Case Management
  • DPRK Ministry
    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Humanitarian &  Emergency Affairs
    3. NK Agricultural Research Institute
    4. Area Development Program
  • Advocacy
    1. Education for Global Citizenship
    2. Campaign & Policy activities
  • Programs
    1. Area Development Program
    2. Domestic Program

The Dream Kids program - We provide children from low-income families with opportunities to develop their talents and have dreams for their future.

Hye-young (assumed name) looked powerless and lack of confidence after experiencing a series of heart-breaking events like her alcoholic father’s domestic violence and divorce of her parents as a result.

The Dream Kids

This is a program that provides children with an opportunity to have various experiences in art, culture and other areas to
broaden their hearts and minds. In doing so, the children get to learn what their talent is and have a chance to earnestly
prepare for their future.
Vision statement
Extra-curricular activities in music, literature, sport clubs
help children have a healthy body and sound mind.
Vision statement
University tuition fee for the first semester is supported to
lay out a foundation for children to make their dreams
come true.
Vision statement
Children identify their aptitude and strong points, and plan out their future with specific goals.