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Service Introduction

  • International development Ministry
    1. Area Development Program (ADP)
    2. Sectoral Special Program
    3. Innovative Financing for Developmen
  • Humanitarian Emergency & Affairs
    1. Disaster Management
    2. Fragile Country Program
    3. Food Crisis Response
  • Domestic Ministry
    1. Love-Lunch Box Poject
    2. Afer-shcool Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low-Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. Child rights program
    6. Case Management
  • DPRK Ministry
    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Humanitarian &  Emergency Affairs
    3. NK Agricultural Research Institute
    4. Area Development Program
  • Advocacy
    1. Education for Global Citizenship
    2. Campaign & Policy activities
  • Programs
    1. Area Development Program
    2. Domestic Program

Campaign & Policy activities - We strive to transform unfair system and structure through various advocacy campaigns.

“It was the summer of 2010 that I first heard about a World Vision’s advocacy campaign called

World Vision’s campaign & policy activities
Advocacy helps the poor and afflicted to voice for changing the polices that influence their lives or World Vision becomes the voice of the people so as to transform their lives in a positive
way. It does not mean that advocacy is standing against the haves and the powers, but it
means a process to persuade them to protect and support the poor. Thus, advocacy is
completed when authorities and policymakers become aware of the situations of the poor
and oppressed so that they make policies in a way to protect the rights of those people.
Major issues in campaign & policy activities
Reducing world’s child mortality, improving maternal and child health, Korea’s ODA policy
for health.
At the UN meeting in 2000, leaders of 191 countries set Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) with 8 objectives in an effort to reduce world’s poverty by 50% by 2015.
A mid-term assessment of MDGs showed that other goals were being achieved gradually
while No. 4 (reduce child mortality) and No.5 (improve maternal health) did not show any
sings of improvement. It this trend continues, more than 7 million of children aged 5 and
younger will die in 2015.
MDGs: Millennium Development Goals
Goal of Child Health Now Campaign
World Vision has set a goal to reduce mortality rate of children aged under 5 to 4.13 million by 2015 in an effort to achieve MDGs No.4 and 5. To achieve the goal, World Vision Korea will
draw public attention to the current status of children’s health in the world and cooperate with Korean government so that the government can include the goal to reduce child mortality in its international cooperation policy as one of the donor countries in the international community
and a member of ODCE DAC.
Policy & Campaign

What is “Advocacy”?

World Vision pursues advocacy along with relief and development in working with the poor and oppressed.
Advocacy is a program or a approach to address of the root cause of structure and system of poverty as we transform policy, system, custom and attitudes that worsen in equality and deny justice and human rights in the world.

Advocacy look deeply into the problem of poverty. Advocacy was launched believing that social structure and laws
have to be transformed adding to the efforts of area development and relief activities in order to get rid of the root
cause of poverty. To do so, advocacy raises public awareness on social structure, customs and system and
communicates with authorities and policy-makers so that they make policies to protect the rights of the poor and