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Penny Harvest Field- The world’s first Penny Harvest Field! A small coin brings miracle

사랑의 동전밭

Every coin in all over the country is gathered here in May!
Penny Harvest Field, which began in 2008, gathers all coins donated by kindergartens,
schools, business and other organizations in the country to perform the miracle of sharing.
The coins are used for domestic and overseas children in need. In May, we would like to invite you to the festival of love and sharing!

Penny Harvest Field, Come and see!

The first Penny  Harvest Field, 2008

The 2nd Penny  Harvest Field  at Cheonggye,  downtown  Seoul in2009

The 3rd Penny  Harvest Field, 2010

The 4th Penny  Harvest Field, 2011

Stories at Penny Harvest Field

I wrapped the Love Loaf because  it’s bread and might get coole down
Jae-heon Kim
I filled the Love Loaf instead of sponsoring a child  because I'm yet a student and don't have money to.
eun-hye Lee
I have two coin banks, one for me and  the other one for friends
Yoon-jin Lee