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CEO’s Message - The history of World Vision will not end until the day when every child on earth enjoy a happy life.

  • CEO’s Message
  • Past & Present CEOs
Ho-seung Yang, CEO of World Vision Korea
This is Ho-seung Yang, the CEO of World Vision Korea.
As the culture of sharing has grown and widely settled in Korea, many citizens are
involved in the activities of domestic and international non-governmental organizations in various ways. World Vision will bear more responsibilities as a leader of NGOs at
home and abroad with its professional field operation, transparent management and a well-defined vision, all of which is the fruit of its 60 years of history.

In response to the fast-changing environment, World Vision Korea will endeavor to
actively communicate with you and save lives much more efficiently than ever.
Furthermore, we will now grow to be your agile partner and a sound and transparent
platform for promoting Koreans to the world as they are very responsible and mature “global citizens” who put the spirit of sharing into practice. All of these efforts, however, will never bear fruit if you do not encourage and support us. The people who act out
love and the spirit of sharing for children and our neighbors in pain and sorrow around the world are the one that leads World Vision and transforms the world.

I hope all of our efforts will see the better future where life in all its fullness for children around the world comes true.

I also hope your helping hands will continue to reach out to the world to save lives.
It is our prayer that you continue in your service of love; and may the Lord’s be upon your family. God bless.
Education 1979-1982 MBA, University of Illinois, USA
1972-1976 PhD in Food/Biochemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
1969-1971 Master’s degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Minnesota, USA
1965-1969 Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Seoul National University, Korea
Professional Career 2007-2011 CJ CheilJedang, Korea
- Vice President, Global Business Development
1997-2007 Sensient Technologies, Wisconsin, USA
- Vice President, Marketing and Technologies
  (Marketing Strategy and Integration & Branding)
- Vice President, Technologies
  (R&D, Engineering, QA, Product Safety and M&A Strategy)
1989-1997 SK Group/SK Chemical
- Strategy & Planning Director (strategy planning, IT, PR, IR and Legal)
- Director, President’s office, SK Group
  (establishing SK Telecom and Group R&D/IT)
- Director, Life Science Institute
  (drug development, pharmaceutical R&D and nutritional supplements)
1976-1978 IBM Watson Research Center, New York, USA
- Researcher, Biotechnology R&D