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Planned Donations - The valuable act of love creates a better world.

Bequest donation

Making donation is a beautiful act. It’s not because of the large sum of money, but it’s
because of priceless love. It’s sharing the most invaluable legacy and the fruit of a man’s life
with neighbors.

The promise that will be kept on the day she dies

I got a phone call from Ms. Nan-hee Kim(assumed name, 50), a sponsor living in Jeju.
She said she wanted to donate her legacy and would send a notarized document that legally
proves the donation of her apartment and life insurance death benefits to World Vision.

Bequest donation sounds like something that will be made in the distant future, but that’s why Nan-hee’s bold decision was more than valuable to World Vision.

Nan-hee lost her parents in floods when she was 5. Then she was separated from her
brother and sister and grew up at an orphanage in Chuncheon. Thanks to a WVUS sponsor,
she was benefited for 14 years until she became a grown-up, and later she became WV
sponsor of a child in need.

“My husband and I did not have a child since we got married late in age, but we got a chance
to raise a child through World Vision. Although the child lived far away from us, we always
thought he(she) was our baby.”

We promised to adopt a child by the time when we settle down financially, but my husband
passed away two months ago before keeping the promise. After his funeral, I thought I would
die someday and I should prepare for the unknown time in advance.

“I always had good people around me, who helped me at times of need. I hope I can do the
same to someone else, though I will not be able to pay back all I owed.”

As Nan-hee hoped, the fruit of her sweat and tears will become seeds that will bear
thousands of new fruit.

Process of making bequest donation

Life insurance for charitable giving

This is a type of life insurance. After you pass away, you can donate insurance benefit to a
certain charitable or public organization you chose. It’s a type of donation made by people
in an advanced society. You will experience a long-lasting delight in making donation
because throughout your life it’s not an one-time act of sharing. The small sum of money you pay every month will become a huge sum of donation.

World Vision made agreements with leading life insurance companies in Korea for bequest
You may choose a specific program of World Vision where your death benefits will be used
for.(i.e. HEA program, Love-Lunch Box program, etc.)

Insurance companies

Prudential Life Insurance
Prudential Life Insurance
Kyobo Life Insurance
Kyobo Life Insurance