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Love Loaf - Love-Loaf is the first fundraising coin bank in Korea. The miralce of coin will be continued.

What is Love Loaf?
Love Loaf is the first ever fundraising coin bank in Korea. The history of the coin bank began
in 1991. WV Korea’s goodwill ambassador and one of the most popular Korean actress,
Ms. Hye Ja Kim drew media attention to the coin bank and it rapidly spread out among
Korean public. The origin of Love Loaf came from US dated back in 1974. An American family
threw coins in a small can on a dining table before eating meals to make a donation, and this story was heard by Europeans and Australians and finally by Koreans. For the past 20 years, Korea gathered 30 millions Love Loafs.
types of love loaf
  • For personalThis is designed to put on personal desk or table.
  • For publicThis is designed to office, shops, banks, restaurants, etc.
History of Love Loaf
  • 1991
    Ms. Hye Ja Kim, goodwill ambassador, WV Korea, visited Somalia bringing food that were bought with the coins raised by Love Loaf.
  • 1992
    Love Loaf Campaign at Seoul Kwanglim Church
  • 1998
    Love Loaf Campaign in the streets
  • 1999
    Mr. Sang-won Park, goodwill ambassador, WV Korea at Love Loaf Campaign
  • 2000
    Love Loaf in public places
  • 2006
    Love Loaf in the hands of kindergarten kids
  • 2011
    Love Loaf and coins that filled Cheonggye Square in Seoul
An amazing change that a Love Love made in the world
Students of elementary schools in North Jeolla Province, Korea saved coins in Love Loaf for
2 years, and built new buildings for Luanda elementary school in Vietnam. The school is now
well-known for the best school facilities in the region. It has 8 buildings of classes,
4 buildings of teachers’ dormitory, clean desks and other supplies. Luanda elementary
school is the miracle of Love Loaf.