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  • sponsor a child
    1. overseas child
    2. domestic child
  • Sponsor a Overseas Child
    1. special int'l programs
    2. Humantarian , Emergency affairs
    3. Int’l Food Crisis Respons
    4. HIV/AIDS Program
    5. Water Program
  • Domestic/DPRK Program
    1. Love-lunch Box Program
    2. After-school Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. DPRK programs
  • Special Sponsorship
    1. Love Loaf
    2. One Class, One Child
    3. Corporate Donor
    4. Anniversary Donations
    5. Gift of Hope
    6. Planned Donations

The Dream Kids - Hope for the better future! We give wings to the dreams of children.

  • Children’s club activities
    Support children’s extracurricular activities in areas of
    music, literature, sport, etc. so that children can find what
    their gifts and talents are.
  • Scholarship for university tuition
    Provide children with the first university tuition fee so that
    they can take the first step toward making their dream
    come true.
  • Career search program
    Children identify their aptitude and strong points, and plan out their future in specific with the help of vision camp and counseling.