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  • sponsor a child
    1. overseas child
    2. domestic child
  • Sponsor a Overseas Child
    1. special int'l programs
    2. Humantarian , Emergency affairs
    3. Int’l Food Crisis Respons
    4. HIV/AIDS Program
    5. Water Program
  • Domestic/DPRK Program
    1. Love-lunch Box Program
    2. After-school Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. DPRK programs
  • Special Sponsorship
    1. Love Loaf
    2. One Class, One Child
    3. Corporate Donor
    4. Anniversary Donations
    5. Gift of Hope
    6. Planned Donations

International Food Crisis Respons - A silent tsunami of hunger is sweeping through some parts of the world. We save children out of this tsunami..

Brundi is a small country where over 80% of citizens suffer from conflicts among tribes and civil war.

  • General Food Distribution (GFD)
    Distribute food to refugees and displaced people fleeing
    from civil war and conflict and to vulnerable children and
    adults in the 3rd world countries hit by natural disasters
    such as Haiti earthquake.
  • School Feeding Program / Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition Program (SFP/CMAM)
    Urgently provide nutrition to children under 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers in countries like Sudan, Somalia, DRC, etc. with poor food security.
  • Food For Education (FFE)
    Provide children who cannot go to school due to hunger
    and poverty with elementary school meal and children in
    vulnerable families who have high class attendance rate
    with food to bring back home.
  • Food For Work (FFW)
    In countries which have poor food security and social
    infrastructure, World Vision encourages citizens to take
    part in road & water facilities rehabilitations, land
    reservation, irrigation canal construction, school & lavatory
    construction and rewards them with food while
    empowering them.