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  • sponsor a child
    1. overseas child
    2. domestic child
  • Sponsor a Overseas Child
    1. special int'l programs
    2. Humantarian , Emergency affairs
    3. Int’l Food Crisis Respons
    4. HIV/AIDS Program
    5. Water Program
  • Domestic/DPRK Program
    1. Love-lunch Box Program
    2. After-school Program
    3. Financial Aid for Low Income Family
    4. The Dream Kids
    5. DPRK programs
  • Special Sponsorship
    1. Love Loaf
    2. One Class, One Child
    3. Corporate Donor
    4. Anniversary Donations
    5. Gift of Hope
    6. Planned Donations

Sponsor a Domestic Child - Children can dream of happy life with our loving encouragement.

Children dreaming of happiness

Enjoy studying! Whole family smiles! Develop sound mind! Become confident through experience various activities!

Social workers visit sponsored children’s home to learn about their family issues and counsel the children on a regular
To give a practical assistance to domestic children in need, one child is sponsored by more than one person.

When you become World Vision’s overseas child sponsor

Child's photo
Ten days after you become a child sponsor,
you receive a child card and Family Card with photo
of your sponsored child.
Letter about your sponsored child
Four month after you become a child sponsor,
you receive a letter with detailed information about
your sponsored child.
Annual Child Report
One year after you become a child sponsor,
you get an annual child report on current news and
photos of your child once a year.
Christman ans new year's card
Every year end, you receive Christmas and
New Year’s Card.
Year-end tax adjustment
Every January, a receipt of year-end tax adjustment is
issued to you.
world vision magazine
Once in two months, World Vision magazine is
delivered to you.